At The Law Office of Scott O’Mara (O’Mara & Padilla and O’Mara & Hampton), the mission of our law practice is to provide exceptional representation to injured consumers and workers. With that in mind, we measure our success as a reflection of the success our clients believe we have achieved for them.

An important factor in fulfilling our mission is our depth of experience, which includes representation of individuals injured in accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, heavy equipment, bicycles, boats, trains and aircraft, as well as representation of those injured by defective products, unsafe property conditions and toxic exposure.

To obtain full and complete recovery for the harm our clients have suffered requires a thorough understanding of each client’s injury and medical history, and how the injury has impacted or may impact quality of life. Our inquiry will involve a thorough assessment of the client’s harm and loss based on an understanding of his/her work, recreation, family life, social life, avocational interests, etc. Key to this process is the establishment of a relationship built on communication and trust. We take pride in being courteous, accessible, responsible and thorough in meeting our client’s needs.

If you have suffered a serious injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you likely will be seeking fair compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company. Their focus will be on profit and minimizing claims, but we are a highly effective and experienced team of attorneys, paralegals, investigators, and support staff who understand the remedies available, and we pride ourselves on ensuring each client receives full and fair compensation. We have an established legacy of excellence, and we are prepared to commit the time and resources required to help those who lack the financial resources to secure the justice they deserve.

As a prerequisite to maintaining our high level of service, we are selective about the cases we undertake. We, therefore, invite you to contact us to discuss your case, in the process of which you are guaranteed to receive an honest and frank evaluation. Should we undertake representation of your case, we generally will begin by gathering all the available evidence, including, as applicable, witness statements, photographs, police records, medical reports, etc. Securing and maintaining this essential evidence is paramount to the success of your case.

If we undertake representation, our fees will be paid on a contingency basis out of the proceeds of the recovery. In other words, if we were to fail to obtain a recovery on your behalf, you would have no obligation to pay us for our time.

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If you have any questions, we invite you to call us at (619) 583-1199 or 1 (800) LAW-1199 at your convenience.

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